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Date: 12/01/2019





The groundbreaking television series Mass Star is the Ultimate Reality Talent Show, airing on Fox Broadcasting Network. Considered one of the most prestigious shows out of New England, Mass Star is a first of its kind: A talent show competition that seeks to find the next ultimate, triple-threat, “Massively talented” star! 

Initially launched in the state of Massachusetts, and later expanded to prominent cities throughout the nation, the show offers an intimate look at the lives of a diverse group of talented young men and women who are aspiring models, actors, and singers- striving to become the next MASS STAR. It showcases the process, strategy, competitive nature of the industry and the contestants’ struggles to overcome internal and external difficulties throughout the season. 


Contestants are given various challenges in every episode, including reverse talent roles, and have to compete in all three major categories of the entertainment industry.  Mass Star TV Show works in conjunction with Style Fashion week, (in cities including Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai, and Paris), offering contestants a unique experience along with extensive exposure and opportunities.


“Mass Star Reality Show offers contestants, and viewers alike, a deeper perspective to what it takes to be successful in today’s entertainment industry,” said Sony Asmath, the show’s executive producer. “This season we’ve made some important changes that feature more of what our national viewers love about the show, and we hope will also dazzle and captivate our new international audience.”


Produced by Mass Star Management and airing on FOX Broadcasting Network in selected cities worldwide, this remarkable and inspiring series exemplifies the wide quality of talents from today’s best talents, ranging from 15 to 45, and embraces their rich diversity. Visit for more information.



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